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Entry 1 // The LaunchLife

Back to my Roots - Ground Level

I started LaunchLife because it reminds me of my roots, to when I first started shooting launches before I earned press credentials working with the extraordinary media company Teslarati. I was an enthusiast who drove an hour to the beach, ran through the sand to setup a tripod and camera hours before a launch. I’d stay up all night through the launch window only to find out the winds are too strong and the launch would be scrubbed until the next night. I’d say, “Well, that’s the launch life.”

The next night, I’d do the same thing all over again in the freezing cold temperatures. I’d be setup to watch the launch and ready to FEEL it rumble. It’s the biggest rush when it actually does launch and light up the sky!

I miss those days.

As Press I started hash tagging LaunchLife when there’d be a scrub after a long day of press conferences and launch pad camera setup. Launch activities would massively build up the anticipation. When the time came for launch, I’d be setup and watching the rocket venting on the launch pad, only to have it scrub and need to do it again the next day, just as pumped as the day before!

The Vision - Trajectory

When I’m out in a public location shooting a rocket, I see people now who are doing the same things I did, having the same conversations, questions and feeling the same excitement with friends. I lived that so I know what it feels like!

A lifestyle clothing brand is a way for me to reconnect to that experience and develop a culture among enthusiasts.

We’re a community who are in the fringes because launches are still rare to common people. We want to include everybody and bring them to see a launch to experience what we cannot put into words. “It’ll blow your mind!” is about as descriptive as we can get.

It comes Full Circle - Orbital

This brand can be our ice breaker to meet each other and to tell other people about what we enjoy, show them, or even bragging rights about catching an awesome launch our friends missed out on. Or just simply being excited about a launch coming up and wanting to express that anticipation wherever we are.

This is just the beginning. We’re achieving LEO and we’ll become a multi-planetary species.